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America deserves a Smart Power Plan – affordable energy, a reliable electric grid, and a healthy environment. Sadly, the President’s so–called “Clean Power Plan” fails on several of these goals. Without immediate action by our elected officials to protect your state sovereignty, Americans could face diminished living standards and an uncertain future. Click on the map to see whether your state leaders are fighting to protect your interests.


For those interested in learning more about the EPA’s climate rule, we have compiled a trove of resources about the regulation. Topics include: selected testimony; letters and statements from governors, attorneys general, and other stakeholders; analyses from respected legal scholars; op-eds and editorials; studies and white papers; and public comments.

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Check the State Tracker to see what your state leaders are doing to protect you from the harmful impacts of EPA’s agenda.
If you’ve got questions (and you likely do), we’ve got answers. On the FAQ page, we address the most pressing questions about EPA’s climate rule, including how state leaders and the general public can fight back.

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Costly Clean Power Plan a bad deal for state

Virginia should hit pause on its own preparations for the Clean Power Plan and see what the courts decide. While Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s support of the plan is no surprise, Virginia lawmakers should not quietly follow suit. Read More
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Montanans will pay more for fuel if Colstrip power exits

CHS Inc., which refines oil in Laurel, gets more than half its power from Colstrip Power Plant, which faces an uncertain future as power companies in the Pacific Northwest prepare to dump coal-generated electricity and tighten pollution controls under the Clean Power Plan to address climate change. It was the Clean Power Plan that Patrick Kimmet, Laurel Refinery vice president, cited Monday while meeting with U.S. Sen. Steve Daines, R-Mont. Read More
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EPA lacks authority on Clean Power Plan

On March 10, Democratic state Sen. Pat Spearman wrote in the Sun that the Office of the Attorney General, where I serve, defied “bipartisan” hopes for Nevada’s clean-energy future by filing a friend-of-the-court brief in the Clean Power Plan lawsuit. This lawsuit challenges the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ambition to permanently displace Nevada as primary regulator of its energy policy. I would have thought my action served the most essential bipartisan position of all: that Nevadans, under the principles of federalism, should control their own destiny. Read More
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